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2020 Regular Municipal Election Information and Absentee Application Now Available

December 30th, 2019|Comments Off on 2020 Regular Municipal Election Information and Absentee Application Now Available

The next regular Municipal Election is October 6, 2020.

A copy of the letter to the Assembly setting forth the timelines involved with this election as well as a Quick Reference Date page are now posted on our website.

Per CBJ Code 29.07.100, the Absentee-by-Mail ballot applications are now available.

29.07.100 – Absentee voting procedure.

(b) The application for an absentee ballot shall show the applicant’s place of residence, clearly indicate the applicant’s right to an absentee ballot, and be signed by the applicant.

(1) Application by mail. Beginning on January 1 of each election year, a qualified voter may in person or by mail, or by facsimile machine, file a written application for an absentee ballot by mail with the election official. A complete application for a by mail […]

General Information

The Municipal Clerk’s Office serves as Liaison with the CBJ Assembly, staff and the public and is the Election Official for the municipality. The Municipal Clerk is responsible for:

  • administrating local elections, serving as a voter registration office for the State of Alaska; and reviewing compliance with Alaska Public Offices Commission requirements.
  • providing notification of all official activities and meetings of the Assembly and its various committees in compliance with the Open Meetings Act.
  • administrating the activity of the Assembly, the Assembly Standing Committees and the Assembly appointed advisory boards and committees.
  • administrating appeals to the Assembly regarding decisions of the Planning Commission and other quasi-judicial boards.
  • responding to requests for information from the public, CBJ staff, other municipalities, state officials, and both state and federal legislative offices.
  • coordinating and maintaining office tracking system for correspondence and follow-up action.
  • maintaining a comprehensive record system of all CBJ permanent and historic records; maintaining custody of the City and Borough seal; and attesting to CBJ documents such as minutes, legislation, plats, and Notices of Decisions, and ensuring compliance with the Open Records Act.
  • assisting in the preparation of the Assembly budget, reviewing expenditures and assisting the Mayor’s Executive Assistant with administration of approved budget.
  • assisting in planning and attending special events on behalf of the CBJ.
  • administering liquor and gaming license review.