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Below outlines the plans and studies conducted to evaluate the feasibility of development for Pederson Hill (also known as Hill 560):

The foreclosure auction sale for the 15860 Glacier Hwy property that was scheduled for Wednesday, August 16th, 2017, has been cancelled. The delinquent taxes and special assessments associated with the foreclosed property were paid off before the August 15th, 2017 4:00 P.M. deadline. Due to payment of the taxes and special assessments before the deadline, the property was returned back to the previous owner.

Released in April of 2016, the CBJ Parcel Viewer tool provides basic parcel and mapping information including aerial imagery, parcel layers, centerlines, and rudimentary measuring tools. This is a beginning for public GIS resource availability for the CBJ.

KTOO Public Media recently did a story on the CBJ’s Parcel Viewer Tool, and the coverage gives a few examples of how the tool has been useful to the community:

“It’s been about a year since the City & Borough of Juneau made reams of land, property and mapping data readily available to the public through a web-based application.

Conservationists, landscape architects and second-grade teachers are using the city’s Parcel Viewer system.

At the bottom of stairwell at Juneau City Hall, a group of second-graders are looking at a tall patchwork of paper grids posted to a wall.

Each kid worked on a grid, coloring in blue for water and green for land, and they patterned in symbols for traditional Tlingit uses of the land – hunting, berry picking, fishing. 

With geographic information systems technology, or GIS, the city’s cartographer, Quinn Tracy, produced the map grids that made the second-grade class project possible.

Nancy Lehnhart with the school district created the lesson for all of Juneau’s second-grade classes.  

“We created a map together and he could very easily, when I said, I’d like to see some creeks and rivers but not all of them,’ he could kind of back off, you know, it so easy with the GIS program he uses and his skills to make quick changes and get me right what I needed,” Lehnhart said.  

Parcel Viewer is a free online application that shows an aerial view of Juneau with each piece of property — the parcels — outlined in yellow.  These boxes are interactive, show property lines, the landowner, zoning, assessed value, topography and more.”

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