Safety Minute Posts

  • Emergency Prevention

    About 29% of emergency room visits are injury related.  Choking and inhalation episodes accounted for over 65,000 trip in 2015. [...]

  • Safety Training Resources

    Feel overwhelmed with the amount of safety training needed?  Having trouble determining what safety training is essential and what is [...]

  • A Brighter Future

    This past year, due to a need to increase security of information, I was asked to turn on an automatic [...]

  • Effectiveness

    A well known business management expert and author, Peter Drucker said, "Effective people find themselves asking other people in their [...]

  • Ownership

    In my four years of employment with the CBJ, there has never been more emphasis on making improvements. Management wants [...]

Safety Program

The City and Borough of Juneau believes safety is of utmost importance and promises to continuously identify and implement safe and healthy ways to do the job.  See our Safety and Health Policy for more information.

Contact Information

Andrew Migel
CBJ Safety Officer

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Some of the best safety information available anywhere

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Proact Safety Blog – Behavior Based Safety Experts

Ergo-Plus Resources – Excellent source for ergonomic guidance

The Safety Specialists – TSS. Local SE Alaska safety training, services, training, and news

Denver Peak Academy – Applying lean principles in local government and basis for CBJ’s Innovation Academy

connectingEHS – Josh Franklin’s blog to connect and inspire safety professionals (Retired airman in the US Air Force)

For requests or questions, contact the CBJ Safety officer 586-0322