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Dwelling unit determination is made by the CBJ Community Development Department (CDD). For more information regarding dwelling unit determination contact CDD

Community Development
Phone: 586-0715

You can receive your utility statement via email.  This electronic statement would replace your paper statement.  Just fill out the information requested below and hit “submit”.

Email statements will be sent from by the following email address:  Please verify your email settings to avoid having the statement blocked or be considered “junk”.

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Utility Billing bills the owner of record. Accounts are closed/opened by using the date a Deed is recorded with the State of Alaska Recorders Office. Early occupancy agreements are between private parties.

Name changes, i.e. marital name changes, require a deed to be recorded. A local title company may be able to assist you with the process or contact the State of Alaska Recorders Office for information on how to record a document.

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Juneau, AK  99801
Phone:  465-2514