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Household Hazardous Waste

Bring your batteries, TV’s, used oil, fluorescent light tubes, paint, cleaners, and many other household hazardous waste items to the CBJ Household Hazardous Waste Facility!   LED light bulbs do not contain hazardous material and can be disposed of in general trash.

All Purpose Cleaners
Antibacterial Products
Auto Oil
Batteries – Household*
Brake Fluid
Butane Tanks
Carburetor Cleaner
Chlorine Bleach
Commercial Gas Cylinders
Contact Cement
Contaminates Soil
Cooking Oil
Drain Cleaner
Engine Degreaser
Fire Extinguishers
Flourescent Light Tubes
Fuel Filters
Furniture Polish
Garden Fungicides
Halogen Light Bulbs
Heating Oil
Helium Tanks
Jewelry Cleaner
Mercury Containing Thermostats
Mercury Fever Thermometers
Metal Cleaners
Model Cement
Moss Control
Nail Polish
Nail Polish Remover
Oil- Cooking, Artist, Heating, Motor
Oil Filters
Over Cleaner
Paint – Artist Acrylic, Encaustic, Oil, Tempera, Watercolor
Paint – Oil Based, Latex, Thinner, Stripper, Spray, Lead Based
PCB Contaminated Materials
Pepper Spray (OC)
Photographic Materials
Propane Tanks
Rubber Cement
Rubber Cement Thinner
Rust Remover
Sharps (Medical Needles in containers)
Spot Remover
Spray Paint
Stain Remover
Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Toner Cartridges
Transmission Fluid
Weed Killer
Wood Preservative

* Rechargeable batteries larger than 1.5 Volt must have their terminals protected by either bagging or taping each individual battery. Please separate batteries by type, i.e. alkaline, NiCad, lithium, lead acid, silver oxide

Reactive Materials Including:
Sodium Metal
Explosives including :
Blasting Caps
Gun Powder
Biological Wastes (Sharps Accepted)
Radioactive Waste
Contaminated Soils**

**Soil that has come in contact with gas or oil can be taken to Bicknell Inc, 2275 Brady Lane, 789-8727. Bicknell charges a fee for disposal. The soil has to be free from plastic, garbage or other debris. ADEC requires reporting and approval prior to transport of contaminated soils in some circumstances, go to for more information.

  • Please keep products in their original containers
  • Add additional containers or bags to prevent leaking
  • Containers will not be returned
  • Identify and label unmarked containers
  • Do NOT mix any products
  • Keep products away from passengers during transport

The CBJ residential Household Hazardous Waste program is funded by a monthly fee on utility billings*. Most of the materials are shipped by barge to Seattle and then sold or distributed to various companies for processing, proper disposal, or reuse.

* Waste Management Utility – Chapter 36 and Motor Vehicle Registration Tax – Chapter 39

CBJ Household

Hazardous Waste



Friday & Saturday 8AM – 4:30PM

100lbs/Day Drop Off Limit


Thursday by appointment only

Call 780-6691 and leave a message to set up an appointment.

Steps for Business HHW drop off:

  • Businesses generating 220lbs of household hazardous waste per month or less are Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generators (CESQG) and may use this facility. If you generate more than this amount, go to
  • Eligible businesses should check the list of Accepted/Not Accepted Household Hazardous Waste.
  • Call 780-6691 to make an appointment on a Thursday between 8am and 4:30pm.  Leave a message if no one answers and your phone call will be returned Thursday, Friday or Saturday.
  • Bring hazardous waste to the facility separated by product type.  It will be weighed and then the business will be charged $1.23 per pound.
  • Payment is accepted by check or credit card.