On Wednesday October 4, 2017, at 0306 am CCFR responded to Bartlett Regional Hospital for a fire in one of the bathrooms. There was an explosion and fire in the ER waiting room bathroom. The sprinkler system was activated and put the fire out. A witness that was in a room next to the bathroom stated he saw the walls shook when the explosion occurred. The fire and fire damage was confined to the bathroom. There is water damage from the sprinkler system to the bathroom and adjacent rooms. Smoke was present in the hallways and offices of the ER. CCFR was able to ventilate the smoke from the offices, hallways and waiting room that was adjacent to the Emergency room. Because of the quick knock down of the sprinkler system, fire was kept to a minimum and no injuries occurred. There were people in the waiting room and in the emergency department when the incident occurred. A subject is being detained by JPD. The fire is being investigated by CCFR Fire Marshals and Juneau Police Department. An estimated $5000 worth of damage. Submitted by Assistant Chief Ed Quinto