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Assembly adopts $357 million budget

The City and Borough of Juneau Assembly adopted the budget during a Regular Assembly Meeting June 3. The final approval followed several weeks of budget work by the Assembly Finance Committee.

The budget includes the operating budget (both general government and enterprise organizations), capital improvement projects, the property tax mill levy rate, and the previously adopted Juneau School District general operating budget. General government includes most CBJ departments, like Juneau Police Department, Capital City Fire/Rescue, Parks & Recreation, Engineering, Community Development and the Libraries. Enterprise organizations are Bartlett Regional Hospital, Juneau International Airport, Docks & Harbors, and Water & Sewer.

The Assembly adopted an overall citywide budget of $357 million, which is up $1.5 million from FY19. The major components of the budget are:

  • $87.2 million for the Juneau School District, remaining flat over FY19 budget The Assembly already adopted this component of the budget at its May 13 Regular Meeting.
  • $136.9 million for Enterprise Funds (hospital, airport, water utilities, and Docks & Harbors).
  • $75.4 million for general government, an increase of $0.1 million (0.1 percent) over the FY19 budget. The total is $0.6 million above projected revenues and requires the use of savings. CBJ has adequate savings; prior to this FY20 draw, the Available Fund Balance (savings) is at $16 million.
  • $37.4 million for initial capital improvement projects. Additional appropriations will be made throughout the year as funding gets committed. CBJ annually spends around $60 million on projects.
  • $16.7 million for the bond debt service budget, which is down $1.3 million due to school bonds being fully paid during FY19.

The property tax mill levy rate is 10.66 – overall, the same as last year.  The breakdown of the total mill levy are: 9.46 mills for the operating budget, an increase of 0.1 mills over FY19, and 1.2 mills for debt service, a decrease of 0.1 mills over FY19. CBJ is projecting to collect $51.5 million in property tax revenues, which is a $0.6 million (1.2 percent) increase to help fund education and general government programs. The debt service mill rate is projected to raise $5.9 million to pay debt service, which is a decrease of $0.5 million.

June 10th, 2019|

Finance Committee wraps up work on the budget

The Assembly Finance Committee finished its work for this budget season at its May 15 meeting. The budget is now in the hands of the Assembly.

The public has a final opportunity to weigh in on the budget. Ordinances on the mill rate and the CBJ operating budget, and a resolution on the Capital Improvement Program were moved out of committee and are scheduled for a public hearing at the June 3 Regular Assembly Meeting.

The proposed property tax mill levy rate is 10.66 – the same as last year – which is broken into two buckets: 9.46 (up from 9.36) mills for the operating budget and 1.2 (down from 1.3) mills for debt service.

The committee approved 14 items on its Pending List, the majority of which are not part of the Manager’s proposed budget. These items will be funded from savings:

  • Kinder Ready: $300,000
  • AEYC – HEARTS Program: $89,800
  • Manager Review of Child Care: $60,000
  • Child Care Programs – Child Care Committee: $150,000
  • Juneau Festival Committee: $8,700
  • Juneau Commission on Aging – JEDC for Administration: $8,000
  • Juneau Commission on Aging – Senior Citizens Survey: $23,809
  • SE Conference – AMHS Program Development Work: $20,000
  • Juneau Community Foundation – Mental Health/Substance Abuse Study: $45,000
  • The Glory Hall: $150,000
  • AWARE – Healing Totem: $22,567
  • The Alaska Committee: $100,000
  • CIP Airport North Terminal Funding – $300,000
  • Land for Senior Housing: $1,512,000

The committee didn’t approve a $120,000 increment request from Travel Juneau or $17,500 for the Youth Activities Board.

In other budget work, the committee approved moving the “sleep off” program from Bartlett Regional Hospital to Capital City Fire/Rescue. The intent is to improve effectiveness of the program. That change will go into effect July 1.

The committee made a small change to how Marine Passenger Fees will be spent – reallocating $5,000 for portable toilets at Homestead Park in Douglas.

June 12 is the next scheduled date for an Assembly Finance Committee meeting.

May 17th, 2019|

Finance Committee approves Passenger Fee recommendations; Assembly set to adopt school budget

The Assembly Finance Committee met Wednesday night, May 8, and took action on the City Manager’s recommendations for how to spend the projected $6 million in Marine Passenger Fees for fiscal year 2020. After amending one item – renaming it from “Large Berth Shore Power Feasibility/System Impact Analysis” to “Large Berth Shore Power Preliminary Design and Cost Estimate,” and adding $50,000 to bring the total cost to $300,000 – the committee approved it, which ties a bow on the budget’s Capital Improvement Program resolution, which is scheduled to go before the Assembly on June 3.

On Monday, May 13, at 7 p.m. in Assembly Chambers, the Assembly will have a Regular Meeting and is scheduled to adopt the Juneau School District’s General Budget Ordinance, which totals $87,171,500. The FY20 school budget is supported by a combination of funding sources, including CBJ local funding of $27,874,300. The local funding consists of to the cap funding of $26,497,800 for general operations, and $1,376,500 for programs and activities outside of the state funding cap. Look at the infographic to see what else makes up the school budget. The public has a final opportunity to comment on the school district budget at this Regular Assembly meeting.

On Wednesday, May 15, the Finance Committee plans to make decisions on the pending list, which now includes most items from the increment requests list, as well as a request from the Alaska Committee for an additional $100,000.

May 10th, 2019|

Assembly sets school district budget funding “to the cap”

During the April 24 Special Meeting, the Assembly made the preliminary decision to fund the Juneau School District at $26.5 million, which is the maximum local contribution allowed by state law. It’s what people refer to as “to the cap” funding. Now that it’s set, it cannot be any lower at final adoption, which is scheduled for the May 13 Regular Assembly Meeting at 7 p.m. in City Hall Chambers. The public will have another opportunity to comment on the school district budget then.

The minimum amount the state requires the City and Borough of Juneau to contribute to the school district is $14.5 million, which is 55 percent of what the Assembly has decided. The Assembly Finance Committee also approved $1.4 million in “outside the cap” funding for the school district. The outside the cap funding goes to food service, student transportation, community schools, high school activities, and middle school activities. The district has also requested $300,000 in outside the cap funding for the Kinder Ready program. The Finance Committee put that on its pending list.

The Finance Committee is taking this week off and will meet again on Wednesday, May 8 at 5:30 p.m. in City Hall Chambers. The body is likely to start making decisions on its Pending List and Increased Funding Requests. It’s scheduled to take action on the Marine Passenger Fee Recommendations.

April 29th, 2019|

Comment on CBJ & School District budgets on Wednesday, April 24

This Wednesday is the public’s opportunity to weigh in on the budget during a Special Assembly Meeting at 5:30 p.m. in Assembly Chambers. The Assembly is holding a public hearing on the CBJ operating budget ordinance, the Juneau School District operating budget ordinance, the Capital Improvement Program resolution, and the ordinance establishing the mill rates for property taxes. The Assembly is also scheduled to make a preliminary decision on the Juneau School District budget funding.

Immediately following the Special Assembly Meeting, the Assembly Finance Committee will meet. Last week, April 17, the body approved $885,000 for Travel Juneau, and put its request for an extra $120,000 on the pending list. The committee also approved $325,000, as well as additional $90,000, for the Juneau Economic Development Council.

Here are the committee’s Pending List and Increased Funding Requests. These include funding requests from community nonprofit organizations as well as a few capital projects. The committee plans to decide on these items during its May 8 meeting.

After the Special Assembly Meeting on Wednesday, April 24, the Assembly Finance Committee is set to hear presentations on the Youth Activities Board, Bartlett Regional Hospital, debt service, and proposed mill rate. The committee is also scheduled to take action on funding “outside the cap” for the school district.

April 22nd, 2019|