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Child Struck By Vehicle
Posted: 2019-11-29   
#9PM Routine
Posted: 2019-11-04   
Halloween PSA
Posted: 2019-10-25   
Micah Nelson Arrested
Posted: 2019-10-24   
Motor Vehicle Crash Fatality
Posted: 2019-10-24   
Warrant Service Leads to Shots Fired
Posted: 2019-10-24   
Felony Assault
Posted: 2019-10-23   
Domestic Violence Assault
Posted: 2019-10-21   
Crime of the Week - Burglary
Posted: 2019-10-04   
Please Stop for School Buses
Posted: 2019-08-30   
Wanted Person
Posted: 2019-08-29   
Threats to Floyd Dryden
Posted: 2019-08-22   
Theft of ATM from Hotel Lobby
Posted: 2019-08-16   
Home Invasion and Misconduct Weapons
Posted: 2019-08-03   
Death Investigation
Posted: 2019-08-03   
Robbery Arrest
Posted: 2019-07-31