Priority Driven Budgeting

The City and Borough of Juneau is seeking public input to determine what programs and services the community values most. Public participation through a series of focus group sessions as well as an online survey will help inform the Juneau Assembly and city staff on community priorities, and help guide spending decisions as the capital city prepares for even tighter budget times. Bringing in the public voice is just one part of a new priority-based budgeting process the city is embarking on.

In the past four years, CBJ staff and the Juneau Assembly created sustainable budgets by streamlining operations and raising revenue. In order to be proactive and continue being sustainable, CBJ is now in the process of reevaluating city programs and services. This is where your help comes in.

We invite you to volunteer your time by participating in a focus group. Your interest in, care for and knowledge of Juneau will greatly contribute to this process.

A few months ago, the Assembly identified four key community priorities: 1) quality, family-oriented community; 2) reliable, well maintained infrastructure; 3) safe community and 4) vibrant local economy. City staff then created an inventory of more than 100 public programs and services the city currently offers, and evaluated how they meet those community priorities.

Now, we’re at the phase where we’re looking for the community to provide us feedback on that process – to review, validate and/or correct what we’ve done. Your participation will result in a holistic approach to potential service realignment and reduction.

Focus group sessions are taking place throughout February at either the Valley Library or Assembly Chambers and last two hours.

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Your Participation

We currently have two public participation options – a quick online survey and a two-hour focus group.  These are not exclusive and, if interested, you can do both.


Survey live through 2/24/17

Focus Groups have concluded.  Results will be posted on this page when available (early to mid March).

Community Priorities

Our four key community priorities, as identified by the Assembly

  • Provides diverse programs and activities for youth, families and seniors
  • Offers a variety of cultural and recreational opportunities
  • Preserves and maintains parks and open spaces
  • Promotes safe, clean and attractive neighborhoods
  • Supports quality education opportunities and job skill development
  • Promotes a sense of community through citizen engagement, neighborhood gatherings and city-wide special events
  • Plans for growth and promotes energy and resource conservation
  • Provides a system of safe and reliable infrastructure including roadways, sidewalks, traffic signals and streetlights
  • Designs and builds accessible, convenient transportation systems that ease congestion
  • Ensures a safe, clean water supply, controls drainage, and maintains utility systems that serve the community
  • Ensures wastewater and solid waste are disposed of in a manner that is beneficial for the long term viability of the community.
  • Maintains quality public facilities (ie., parks, public buildings)
  • Maintains well planned, well maintained transportation facilities for air and marine travel.
  • Provides access to quality, community health care through EMS and hospital services
  • Prevents and lowers the occurrence of crime through proactive community policing and establishing a visible presence.
  • Creates an engaged community through actions such as public outreach and volunteerism
  • Offers organized activities and intervention programs for youth
  • Abates nuisances and promotes building and fire safety
  • Fosters a feeling of personal safety by ensuring well-lit and maintained neighborhoods, commercial areas and public spaces (ie., Streets, sidewalks and parks)
  • Enforces the law, offers protection, and responds promptly to emergencies and calls for service
  • Promotes quality job creation and provides a skilled and educated workforce to fill those jobs
  • Recruits and retains a well balanced mix of businesses
  • Creates and maintains a conducive atmosphere to support Juneau as Alaska’s Capital City
  • Markets the Community’s amenities, location and livability
  • Assures an adequate and affordable housing stock
  • Facilitates business development and growth through incentives, partnerships, and minimizing “red tape”

Dates and Times

Focus Groups have concluded.  Information about when/where Focus Groups were held:

  • Senior Focus – February 3rd, 10a – 12p, Assembly Chambers at 155 S Seward St

  • Rotary/Chamber Focus – February 6th, 1p – 3p, Mendenhall Valley Public Library at 3025 Dimond Park Loop

  • Boards & Commissions Focus – February 7th, 1:30p – 3:30p, Assembly Chambers

  • General Public Focus – February 9th, 1p – 3p, Mendenhall Valley Public Library

  • Families w/Kids Focus – February 11th, 9a – 11a, Mendenhall Valley Public Library

  • General Public Focus – February 16th, 6p – 8p, Mendenhall Valley Public Library

  • February 2nd, 7 PM, Assembly Chambers at 155 S Seward St

  • February 4th, 10 AM, Mendenhall Valley Public Library at 3025 Dimond Park Loop

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