Lesson Registration Schedule

Lessons @ Augustus Brown

  • Summer Session #2
    • July 10-July 20, 2017
    • Monday-Thursday Mornings (8 Classes)
    • Registration Begins June 30th
    • Register in-person @ Augustus Brown Pool or Online.
      • Clilck Here for Registration Form!
  • Summer Saturday Classes
    • June 24-August 12, 2017
    • Saturday Mornings
    • Registration Begins June 12th
    • Register in-person @ Augustus Brown Pool or Online
      • Click Here for the Registration Form!
  • No classes currently scheduled for Spring of 2017. 
  • Check back in April/May for  potential Summer 2017 offerings.

No classes scheduled at this time.  Check back for updates.

Lessons @ Dimond Park

  • Summer Session #1
    • June 19th-29th, 2017
    • Monday-Thursday Mornings (8 Classes)
    • Registration Begins Monday, June 5th
    • Register in-person @ Dimond Park Aquatic Center
  • Summer Session #2 will take place at Augustus Brown Swimming Pool
  • Summer Session #3
    • July 31st-August 10th (8 classes)
    • Monday-Thursday Mornings (8 Classes)
    • Registrations Begins Friday, July 21st –CLICK HERE for the registration form!
      • Please note: There is no online registration for this session.
    • Register in-person @ Dimond Park Aquatic Center

No Classes scheduled at this time.  Please check back for updates.


Swim lessons are offered at both pools and can accommodate participants aged 6 months to Adults & Seniors! The tables below are divided into age group (adult or child) and location (AGB or DPAC) and display session dates and registration dates.

Registration forms will be available online by clicking the hyperlinked dates in the schedule or by clicking the links at the bottom of the page. Registration forms will not be provided until shortly before the registration period begins. Faxed registrations will NO longer be accepted.

Youth Scholarships available!  Visit our Scholarships page for information and forms on financial need-based scholarship opportunities through Juneau Pools and the CBJ Parks & Recreation Department.  Scholarships may be applied to any  Preschool, Youth or Parent/Child lesson or in-water instructional program.

Lesson Level Descriptions

Online Customer Portal

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Session Dates: The start and end date for each session of lessons. Registration forms for each session will not be available until shortly before the session begins, a link to the forms will be provided at the bottom of the tables above.

Registration Process: Registration will happen IN PERSON ONLY at the pool. Faxed applications will not be accepted!. The Aquatics team is working towards making online registrations available for most classes. Check out the links listed for classes accepting online registrations today!

Wait listing: We will no longer be waitlisting students for the next available swim lesson session. A regsitration form must be filled out for each swim lesson session. (updated January 4, 2017)