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Why community planning matters

October 4, 2019 – News

Every project started with a vision. When you’re out enjoying community infrastructure – like enjoying the views at Overstreet Park, getting on a boat in Statter Harbor, even the simple of act of walking on a sidewalk in Douglas – keep in mind that each of these things started out as an idea that went through a public process and eventually ended up in a CBJ planning document.

We know – planning and community development are seemingly not the most interesting things to talk or think about. But they’re integral to how we live, work, and recreate. October is National Community Planning Month. This year’s theme: Planning for Infrastructure That Benefits All. So for the rest of the month, we’ll be highlighting infrastructure projects around Juneau that came about as a result of organized community planning, efforts that often go back 20-30 years. Recognizing the success of these projects reminds us of why we continue to plan – how will our shared visions today take shape in the decades to come?