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Sustainability Commission recommends 80 percent renewable energy target by 2045

September 27, 2017 – News

Right now, 20 percent of Juneau’s energy is supplied by hydroelectricity – a renewable source – while 80 percent is supplied by non-renewable fossil fuels. The Juneau Commission on Sustainability, which recently released the Juneau Renewable Energy Strategy, wants to flip those figures. The strategy recommends that the City and Borough of Juneau adopt a target of obtaining 80 percent of energy from renewable sources by the year 2045.

“The Commission developed the Renewable Energy Strategy to provide high level guidance to CBJ on how it can influence local energy generation and use, including its own internal energy policies, so that a greater proportion of Juneau’s energy is from renewable sources,” said Duff Mitchell, Chair of the Juneau Commission on Sustainability.

The 159-page document provides background information on Juneau’s energy use and supplies, discusses alternative energy paths, and recommends targets and strategies. It sets direction and a general path forward for more detailed planning and budgeting.

This strategy originated as a priority recommendation in the Juneau Climate Action and Implementation Plan (CBJ Resolution 2593, Nov. 2011). An initial draft of the strategy was completed in 2016. The Juneau Commission on Sustainability conducted an extensive public review process between July 2016 and January 2017, and the strategy reflects public input and suggestions.

The Assembly will consider the strategy at an upcoming Committee of the Whole meeting.

Read the Juneau Renewable Energy Strategy here: http://www.juneau.org/sustainability/

For more information, contact Tim Felstead, Community Planner and CBJ staff liaison to the Juneau Commission on Sustainability, at 586-0466 or tim.felstead@juneau.org.