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Licensing helps to keep dogs safe. It’s also the law.

December 5, 2017 – News

Dog licensing in Juneau helps to keep dogs safe and gets them home quickly when lost. Licensing is also required by law. All dogs living within the City and Borough of Juneau must be licensed annually by January 1. This applies to any dog over the age of 6 months, and any dog that resides in Juneau for over 30 days. 2018 dog licenses are available now through the nonprofit organization, Gastineau Humane Society.

CBJ contracts with GHS for Animal Control and Protection Services, including enforcement and licensing. To renew a dog license or get one for the first time, go to the GHS website, fill out this form and send/bring it to GHS with payment and proof of current rabies vaccination. A dog license costs $20 for spayed or neutered dogs and $45 for unaltered dogs. Dogs are required to have a rabies tag from a veterinarian, but it’s not the same as a dog license.

Licensing fees are collected by the CBJ to help support Animal Control & Protection Services, including 24-hour emergency services for injured animals, animal bites and loose dangerous animals. Dogs impounded without a current CBJ license may result in a citation for Failure to License, which has a minimum fine of $85.00.

For more information, call Animal Control and Protection Services at 789-6997.