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In drought conditions, burning responsibly is more important than ever

April 13, 2019 – News

As Juneau continues to see lower rainfall than normal, the dry ground conditions are ripe for fires to get out of control. Capital City Fire/Rescue has been brushing up on the tactics of fighting wildland fires in preparation for a busy summer of fires. The agency has already responded to four grass fires in the past few weeks.

“We anticipate going to many more wildland fires than we’ve had in years past. We will be facing fire conditions like they have in the interior where fires grow to several acres quickly,” Fire Chief Rich Etheridge said.

With these drought conditions, Capital City Fire/Rescue wants to remind residents about the rules for open burning. Residential open burn permits are free of cost:

  • Open burning is prohibited in the Lemon Creek and Mendenhall Valley areas until May 1. The no burn boundary starts at Vanderbilt Hill Road and extends to Fritz Cove Road. Everything between these major roads is in the no burn area until May 1.
  • If you live outside of this designated area, you are allowed to conduct open burning as long as you have obtained a valid open burn permit for the 2019 season.
  • Permit holders are responsible for the amount of smoke they produce and consequences of their fires.
  • Caution must always be exercised before deciding whether to burn or not, and all burning should always be attended.
  • Please help be a good neighbor by being considerate of others before you start to burn your yard debris. Burning is prohibited if wind exceeds 15 mph.
  • Sparks and embers can be carried down wind and your fire can quickly spread to nearby grassy areas; ensure you have the ability to put the fire out with a hose or buckets of water.

To apply for an open burn permit online, visit: https://beta.juneau.org/fire/open/burn-permit-info.

For more information, contact CCFR Fire Marshal Dan Jager at 586-0260 or Dan.Jager@juneau.org.