A list of certified candidates is now available online by clicking here.

The filing period for the City & Borough of Juneau Assembly and School Board opened Friday, July 17, 2020 at 8:00 a.m.  Voters will elect three Assemblymembers and two School Board members at the October 6, 2020 Regular Municipal Election being conducted as a By Mail Election.  Filing for the seats closes Monday, July 27, 2020 at 4:30 p.m.

Offices to be filled (elected by the voters at-large)

One (1)   Areawide Assemblymember: 3-year term  

One (1)   District One Assemblymember:  3-year term

One (1)   District Two Assemblymember: 3-year term 

 Two (2)   School Board Members: 3-year terms   

 In order to file for office, candidates must submit a Declaration of Candidacy Form with their Nomination Petition (available on our Elections webpage) signed by at least 25 registered voters (more signatures are recommended in case one or more signature is disqualified) as well as the Alaska Public Offices Commission-Public Official Financial Disclosure Statement.

 Candidates for office must be qualified voters of the City and Borough of Juneau:

(1)        Qualified to vote in State elections;

(2)        A resident of the municipality for at least thirty days immediately preceding the election;

(3)        Registered to vote in state elections at a residence address within the municipality at least thirty days before the municipal election at which the person seeks to vote; and

(4)        Not disqualified under Article V of the Alaska Constitution.

In addition, candidates for Assembly must be a resident of CBJ for at least one year immediately preceding election to office. Also, candidates for Assembly District 1 and District 2 seats must reside in the district from which elected or appointed at the time of the Assemblymember’s election or appointment.

UPDATE **7/20/20** Clarification on Board of Education Candidate Eligibility:

For anyone interested in running for the Board of Education (School Board), candidates may not be an employee of the Juneau School District nor a member of the Alaska Legislature.
Alaska Statutes 14.14.140 sets out the following, in part, with respect to Board of Education candidate eligibility:

Sec. 14.14.140. Restriction on employment; compensation of board members.
                (a) While serving on the school board, a member may not be employed by that local school board. Members of the immediate family of a school board member may not be employed by the school board except upon written approval of the commissioner.
                (b) Members of the immediate family of a chief school administrator may not be employed by the chief school administrator except upon written approval of the school board. 

Anyone needing further information should contact the Election Call Center at 907-364-7401 or via e-mail at cbj.elections@juneau.org.