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DateDocument TitleDivision/Organization (Optional)ProjectProject Category
10-20-2017(Proposed) Order Granting Plaintiffs' Motion for Leave to File Overlength BriefCLIAAPleading
09-25-2017(Proposed) Order Granting Stipulation to Extend Pretrial Dates from Pretrial Order [Docket 60]CLIAAPleading
10-31-2017(Proposed) Order Granting the CBJ's Motion to Stay Briefing ScheduleCLIAAPleading
10-31-2017(Proposed) Order on the City and Borough of Juneau's Motion to Determine the Law of the CaseCLIAAPleading
11-01-20102010 Juneau Housing Needs AssessmentHousingHousing Needs Assessment
11-01-20122012 Juneau Housing Needs AssessmentHousingHousing Needs Assessment
2012 Vulnerability Index SurveyHousingVulnerability Index Survey
2012-2015 Housing Production in JuneauHousingHousing Needs Assessment
2015 Vulnerability Index SurveyHousingVulnerability Index Survey
05-01-20162016 GuidelinesTourismTBMPGuidelines and Information
05-01-20172017 GuidelinesTourismTBMPGuidelines and Information
05-10-2000Alaska Cruise Ship Initiative Report of the Work Group, Wastewater & Solid Waste Handing, Air Emissions, Oil Spills, Environmental LeadershipTourismDOICruise
06-23-2017Amended Second Amended Scheduling and Planning Order 06-26-17CLIAAPleading
05-31-2016Call DetailsTourismTBMPHotline Reports
06-30-2016Call DetailsTourismTBMPHotline Reports
05-01-2017Call DetailsTourismTBMPHotline Reports
06-30-2017Call DetailsTBMPHotline Reports
07-31-2017Call DetailsTBMPHotline Reports
08-31-2017Call DetailsTBMPHotline Reports
09-01-2017Call DetailsTBMPHotline Reports
04-10-2017Call LogBearsCalls to JPD
04-17-2017Call LogBearsCalls to JPD
04-24-2017Call LogBearsCalls to JPD
05-01-2017Call LogBearsCalls to JPD
05-08-2017Call LogBearsCalls to JPD
DateDocument TitleDivision/Organization (Optional)ProjectProject Category