(MATERIALS) Fishing History Bag

(MATERIALS)  Fishing History Bag

Bag includes books and materials:

  • Life-sized fish fact panels of five species of Pacific salmon, halibut, herring, and eulachon
  • Stuffed toy salmon and halibut
  • Consumable copies of the Montana Creek Fish Trap Facts & History brochure
  • Montana Creek Fish Trap Education Binder
  • Montana Creek Fish Trap Exhibit Panels
  • Section of Fish Trap Replica and Spruce Root
  • The Tlingit Way: How to Treat Salmon by Patricia H. Partnow
  • A Day in the Life of a Commercial Fisherman by John F. Klein
  • What’s it Like to be a…Fisherman by Janet Craig
  • Model of Montana Creek Fish Trap booklet
  • Fish Traps of Alaska  handout
  • Fish Traps Around the World  handout
  • What was Happening in the World when the Montana Creek Fish Trap was Built?  handout
  • Montana Creek Fish Trap Matching Game from the AK State Museum
  • Map of Mendenhall Valley c. 1750 by Richard Carstensen
  • Digitally Created Photo of Mendenhall Valley c. 1867 by Richard Carstensen