Death by Chocolate: Historic Murder & Dessert

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Death by Chocolate: Historic Murder & Dessert

Death by Chocolate: An In-Depth Look at an Historic Murder in Juneau, Accompanied by a Chocolate Dessert

A City Museum Fundraiser! Come enjoy a delectable treat and an hour-long program on a murder from early days in Juneau and Douglas, presented by former reporters and local historians, Ed Schoenfeld and Betsy Longenbaugh. Death by Chocolate will closely examine three noteworthy murders from the early years of Juneau and Douglas. Historic researchers and former reporters, Ed Schoenfeld and Betsy Longenbaugh, have spent the past year looking into killings during the first six decades of the 1900s and found these three worthy of further investigation. Each presentation will focus on one of the cases and will feature a chocolate dessert.

Presentation # 1 | January 11, 2020 | 4-6pm | 25.00 Learn about the 1902 death of N.C. Jones at the hands of Joseph MacDonald, the superintendent of the Treadwell mines. After a first grand jury found MacDonald to have killed in self-defense, a second grand jury 10 years later said it was murder.

SOLD OUT Presentation # 2 | February 22, 2020 | 4-6pm | 25.00 Edward Slompke is best known as Edward Krause, the first serial murderer in Alaska. Tried in 1916 for killing Jim Plunkett of Juneau and kidnapping William Christie of Douglas, Slompke was sentenced to hang, but escaped the Juneau jail.

Presentation # 3 | March 7, 2020 | 4-6pm | 25.00 Billie Woodworth was a well-known performer and dramatist when his boat burned and he disappeared in 1920.  One of his crew, E.C. Lilly, was found rowing away from the burning vessel and brought to trial for murder.

  • The price for each presentation is $25.00
  • Purchase tickets at the City Museum or call 586-0966 | Space is limited.