Exhibit Archive

 Title Start Date End Date
"Favorites"Alice Tersteeg and Dianne Anderson October 5th - Nov. 24th2018-10-052018-11-24
"Moments" Mercedes Muñoz December 20172017-12-012017-12-30
"Reverie" Recent Paintings by Rob Roys2013-01-042013-01-26
\"Yadaa.at Kal?, Beautiful Face,\" work by Barbara Craver2016-12-022016-12-31
<i> Dan Fruits: New Works. </i>2013-05-032013-10-26
<i> Jeff Brown's Masterpieces of Merriment. </i>2013-05-032014-04-04
<i>KINETIC</i>: A Solo Exhibit of Paintings by Avery Skaggs2016-02-052016-02-27
<i>Surface</i>: Ceramic Works by Jeremy Kane2015-12-042016-01-30
10th Annual 12x12 Community Art Exhibition2014-02-072014-03-01
11th Annual 12x12 Community Art Exhibit: <i>H2O Color</i>2015-03-062015-04-18
12th Annual 12 x 12 Exhibit: <i>Let's Get Emotional</i>2016-03-042016-04-23
12X12 <i> Juneau: Past & Present </i>2013-03-012013-04-13
13th Annual 12x12 Community Art Exhibit: Ink2017-03-032017-04-22
1867-2017: 150 Years of Change: Áak'w Aani (small lake tribe land) at the Time of Purchase2017-06-222017-12-31
A Braided Way: Poetry, Parenting & Place2017-01-062017-02-26
A Lifetime of Moxie ? November 20172017-11-032017-11-25
Abel Ryan: Seeing Faces2018-01-042018-02-24
Art of Fumi Matsumoto2017-01-102017-09-30
Behind the Lens: <i>Six Juneau Photographers</i>2015-05-012015-09-26
Breakthrough: New Works by Constance Baltuck2014-12-052014-12-29
Communities, Disaster, and Change2015-11-062015-11-28
Dale DeArmond: <i>The Hat Series</i>2013-10-042014-04-21
Disasters At Home: Photographs from the City Museum Collection2015-10-022016-12-24
Discover Tech: Construction of the Juneau-Douglas Bridges & Capitol2018-01-052018-12-31
Douglas Library Satellite Exhibit: Behind the Lens: Joseph Alexander2016-11-072017-07-31
 Title Start Date End Date