To lease lands owned by the City and Borough of Juneau.

Note: All land leases follow CBJ Municipal Code under Title 49 and Title 53. Additional regulations and public process may be necessary depending on the lease.

CBJ Land Lease Application

The City and Borough of Juneau leases land to the Southeast Alaska Food Bank for $1 a year. The Food Bank’s use of CBJ land is provides a public service to the Juneau community. The Southeast Alaska Food Bank, a non-profit organization, is a food distribution system for service groups assisting the needy and homeless throughout Southeast Alaska.

Land Leases

CBJ Code directs the Lands and Resources Division to lease all lands and interests in land owned by the City and Borough, including tide and submerged lands, provided for surface use only unless the assembly has given specific approval to the lease of land in connection with the disposal of materials, timber or other resources. No lands may be leased which have not, at least 30 days before award or execution of a lease, been declared by the assembly by resolution to be available for leasing or identified in the approved land management plan for disposal by competitive bid leasing in the current year.