Wellness Program Information

The CBJ offers a wellness program that assists employees in making choices that support their physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

The Health Yourself program provides a variety of biometric screenings, challenges, educational events, and other health activities to help our employees serve our community to the best of their ability.

Contact Information

Jess Brown
Employee Wellness Coordinator

Health Yourself Calendar
  • EEOC notice– Our wellness program is designed to promote health, prevent disease, and support you in serving the public to the best of your ability. Participating is voluntary and all employee medical information is kept confidential.

Employees that participate and meet the requirements will receive a $50.00 per pay period discount off of their health insurance premium rate for July 2021-June 2022.

View the form here: FY21 Health Yourself Screening form

How does this form work?

  • This form allows employees the opportunity to earn the discount through biometrics, preventive care visits, and Health Yourself activities.
  • Employees must earn 100 points and return this form to Jess Brown by May 31st to qualify for the discount.
  • If you earn over 150 points, you will be eligible for a prize drawing.

Are you ready to start earning the discount?

  • The easiest place to start is with a Health Yourself  blood draw- this helps us map out how you can earn all 100 points, and ensures your biometrics are completely filled out (this is a common place for error with your doctor). Doing your draw with HY is free to you.
  • This year is a full fasting blood draw- watch for more information regarding our fall blood draws at BRH & CBJ departments from September to November.
  • If you are already earning points from activities (right on!), you can print off the form and start keeping track for yourself. I will keep track of your activities in Lawson for CBJ employees and in Taleo for BRH employees, where you can log in and double check that we have the same record.

Wellness Pass discounts and 40% Wellness Pass information- benefited employees and spouses are eligible for discounts to local and CBJ recreation facilities to help keep them healthy! Click here for more information.

Employee Assistance ProgramComPsych® has been contracted by CBJ to provide support, resources and information to employees and their family on a confidential basis, at no charge to you, as a company-sponsored benefit.
Employees and family members are encouraged to visit the ComPsych® website at https:// www.guidanceresources.com/ groWeb/portals/login.portal or talk with a ComPsych representative by calling 1-800-295-9059 (TDD: 1-800-697-0353). To set up an online membership or to speak with a Guidance Consultant, you will need to provide the following company ID: CITYJEAP2.

Premera Nurseline: 1800.841.8343 – This is the number for Premera’s FREE 24-hour Nurseline. If you or a loved one is not feeling well, but you’re unsure if it is an emergency, give the Nurseline a call. You will speak to a registed nurse who can provide around the clock health-care treatment recommendations for injuries or illness’s or answer questions about health-related issues..

Office Ergonomics: – Want to evaluate whether the time you spend at work is ergonomically correct? CBJ has access to a free online office ergonomic assessment. Click here to access the assessment. Register as a ‘new user’ to create your account and profile. Once you create a profile and complete a brief assessment, this program will deliver personalized recommendations to help you work more comfortably. If you have any questions, contact the CBJ safety officer.

Upcoming Events

Handwashing poster for home and work

New:  Summer 2020 Health Yourself activities

  • Connect Challenge: July 6- August 2; outsmart the pandemic blues and isolation with this physically distanced but socially connected challenge. Register by emailing Jess.Brown@juneau.org with a) 3 qualities of your closest friend and b) your preferred theme of animals, flowers, or food- you’ll see why soon! Participation will earn employees 15 HY points toward the reward. Click here to access the challenge.
  • Strengths Inventory: one way to shift your feeling of aimlessness amidst COVID-19 is to figure out what you have to contribute. Take the VIA strengths inventory here.
    • The test comprises 120 questions and takes 30 minutes or so. There are no right/wrong answers, and there are no better/worse answers. The key is to be authentic, so that you can derive the most from the experience.  After taking the test, you will get the ranking of your 24 strengths. Print it out if you can and keep track of your top 4 strengths.
    • To get you into the practice of doing intentional and effortful activities to boost your own happiness, we want you to try to use your top strengths for a whole week. Each day for the following week, try to use your selected strength in a new way and track it. For example, if curiosity is one of your strengths, find a TED talk on a topic which you know nothing about; if kindness is your strength, perform an anonymous favor for someone; and so on.
    • Try to use your strengths at least once per day all week long and track this effort using this form. You can find suggestions on ways to use each strength here and here. You can read more by exploring the VIA Website. Return your completed form by 8/1 to earn 5 HY points toward the reward.