Housing Plans

Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan (also referred to as the “Plan” and the “Comp Plan”) is a long-range blueprint designed to guide the growth, development, and conservation of valued resources within our community over the next 20 years, to the year 2033.

Small Area Plans

One Housing Action Plan recommendation called for the development of Small Area Plans with detailed incentives for and direction on tackling affordability and availability issues. These are the Small Area plans completed or underway:

Housing Action Plan

In 2015, czb LLC worked with elected officials, the Affordable Housing Commission, and member of the community to develop the Housing Action Plan. The plan was adopted by resolution on December 19, 2016.

The Housing Action Plan lists an overall goal of developing 1,980 newly constructed units for all-housing types by the 30-year mark. (66 annual)

The Plan identifies four key actions that must take place to meet this goal:

  • Juneau needs to spend its own resources on housing and neighborhoods;
  • Juneau needs to support and uphold policies needed to promote and encourage housing development;
  • Juneau needs to create housing, especially for young families, workers, and a growing senior populations; and
  • Juneau should streamline permitting, adjust zoning and related land-use processes to encourage clustered, moderate-density, and mixed use development that utilizes existing infrastructure which occurs with creative public financing coupled with design regulations and standards that ensure quality neighborhoods.

Juneau Housing Action Plan (Final)

Juneau Economic Development Plan

The Juneau Economic Development Plan included two initiatives that focused on revitalizing downtown (p.88) and promoting housing affordability and availability (p.94). Data analysis of Juneau Land Consumption and Land Use and its impact on municipal revenue is included in Appendix A.

Juneau Economic Development Plan – 2015