Burn Permit Application

Open burning is prohibited unless ALL of the following requirements are met:

  • The fire SHALL not create a nuisance from smoke, obscure visibility on public roads and highways, or endanger life and property.
  • Applicant SHALL be in constant attendance at the site while burning. The person shall not leave the site until the fire is dead out.
  • Applicant SHALL have a garden hose connected to a water supply or other fire extinguishing equipment shall be readily available for use.
  • Prevailing wind direction SHALL be away from any structure or roadway and the open burn is conducted during a period of adequate air movement. Burning is prohibited if wind exceeds 15 mph, and during any burn ban. If wind speeds, including wind gusts, exceed 15 mph, the burn site is to be shut down.
  • Pile shall be a safe distance from any structure.(as measured out from the edge of the pile in all directions)
  • Maximum pile size is ten (10) feet in diameter
  • If the Fire Department receives a complaint, they will respond and may, at the direction of the Fire Officer, order the fire extinguished for any violation of the permit conditions, or if the fire is creating a hazard or nuisance. The Fire Officer alone will determine if the fire is creating a hazard or nuisance.
  • The wood & natural vegetation material to be burned must originate from the property. Absolutely no man-made material may be burned.
  • Open burning by commercial businesses is prohibited.

The Fire Marshal or his designee may revoke a burn permit at any time. A permit to burn does not relieve the permittee from full responsibility for the fire; including costs of extinguishment should it spread, costs of damage to other property and for the smoke and fly ash produced by the fire. Fines may be assessed for violations or repeated visits to burn sites. The Fire Marshal or his designee may assess a fine if there are violations of the above conditions or if there are repeated visits by fire personnel.

Stop Sign




ONLY When you have read, understand and agree to the conditions of the permit, you may proceed.