Premera is working with a third party vendor to better improve their Coordination of Benefits process. Coordination of Benefits occurs when a member is covered under more than one health insurance plan and it determines the order in which the two plans should pay on claims.  This could be two employer sponsored plans or an employer plan and Medicare. The company handling the coordination of benefits process is The Rawlings Group.  They will be reviewing paid claims and identifying potential overpayment of claims.  If an overpayment is identified, Rawlings will work with the medical provider or other insurance carrier to recover the overpayment. There may be times when additional information is needed.  If this happens, Rawlings may reach out to the plan administrator or the member directly for more information.  The Rawlings Company is a trusted business associate of Premera and is covered under the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA). If you do receive some communication from The Rawlings Company, you should be responding to the letter you’ve received.