The Assembly Finance Committee finished its work for this budget season at its May 15 meeting. The budget is now in the hands of the Assembly.

The public has a final opportunity to weigh in on the budget. Ordinances on the mill rate and the CBJ operating budget, and a resolution on the Capital Improvement Program were moved out of committee and are scheduled for a public hearing at the June 3 Regular Assembly Meeting.

The proposed property tax mill levy rate is 10.66 – the same as last year – which is broken into two buckets: 9.46 (up from 9.36) mills for the operating budget and 1.2 (down from 1.3) mills for debt service.

The committee approved 14 items on its Pending List, the majority of which are not part of the Manager’s proposed budget. These items will be funded from savings:

  • Kinder Ready: $300,000
  • AEYC – HEARTS Program: $89,800
  • Manager Review of Child Care: $60,000
  • Child Care Programs – Child Care Committee: $150,000
  • Juneau Festival Committee: $8,700
  • Juneau Commission on Aging – JEDC for Administration: $8,000
  • Juneau Commission on Aging – Senior Citizens Survey: $23,809
  • SE Conference – AMHS Program Development Work: $20,000
  • Juneau Community Foundation – Mental Health/Substance Abuse Study: $45,000
  • The Glory Hall: $150,000
  • AWARE – Healing Totem: $22,567
  • The Alaska Committee: $100,000
  • CIP Airport North Terminal Funding – $300,000
  • Land for Senior Housing: $1,512,000

The committee didn’t approve a $120,000 increment request from Travel Juneau or $17,500 for the Youth Activities Board.

In other budget work, the committee approved moving the “sleep off” program from Bartlett Regional Hospital to Capital City Fire/Rescue. The intent is to improve effectiveness of the program. That change will go into effect July 1.

The committee made a small change to how Marine Passenger Fees will be spent – reallocating $5,000 for portable toilets at Homestead Park in Douglas.

June 12 is the next scheduled date for an Assembly Finance Committee meeting.