This Wednesday is the public’s opportunity to weigh in on the budget during a Special Assembly Meeting at 5:30 p.m. in Assembly Chambers. The Assembly is holding a public hearing on the CBJ operating budget ordinance, the Juneau School District operating budget ordinance, the Capital Improvement Program resolution, and the ordinance establishing the mill rates for property taxes. The Assembly is also scheduled to make a preliminary decision on the Juneau School District budget funding.

Immediately following the Special Assembly Meeting, the Assembly Finance Committee will meet. Last week, April 17, the body approved $885,000 for Travel Juneau, and put its request for an extra $120,000 on the pending list. The committee also approved $325,000, as well as additional $90,000, for the Juneau Economic Development Council.

Here are the committee’s Pending List and Increased Funding Requests. These include funding requests from community nonprofit organizations as well as a few capital projects. The committee plans to decide on these items during its May 8 meeting.

After the Special Assembly Meeting on Wednesday, April 24, the Assembly Finance Committee is set to hear presentations on the Youth Activities Board, Bartlett Regional Hospital, debt service, and proposed mill rate. The committee is also scheduled to take action on funding “outside the cap” for the school district.