The Candidate Filing Period for the October 2, 2018 Regular Municipal Election continues until Monday, August 13 at 4:30p.m.

Currently, these vacancies will be on the October 2, 2018 Regular Election Ballot:

  • Mayor Seat
  • Assembly District 1 Seat
  • Assembly District 2 Seat (two open seats: one 3-year term, and one 1-year term);
  • Board of Education [School Board] (three open seats).

It is possible an Areawide Seat may also become vacant for the remainder of a one-year term and placed on this ballot. Please see the information release on our website by clicking here. Until such time that seat becomes vacant, the Clerk’s office will not be able to accept any candidacy filings for that seat.

People interested in running for municipal office must complete a Declaration of Candidacy, a Nominating Petition, and an Alaska Public Offices Commission Public Official Financial Disclosure. There forms are available online and must be filed with the CBJ Municipal Clerk’s Office during the filing period. Once the Clerk’s office receives and certifies the required documents, those names are placed on this website in the list of certified candidates.

The Clerk’s staff can only confirm candidacy of any individual once we have certified all the requisite documents.