Juneau Commission on Aging (JCOA)

Welcome to the City and Borough of Juneau, Juneau Commission on Aging webpages. Contained within these pages you will find an overview of the Commission’s mission, current and past projects as well as resource information. We hope this information is useful and welcome any suggestions regarding the website, issues that are being addressed by the committee or items on which the committee should focus their attention.

Committee meetings are held the second Thursday of each month at 1:15p.m. at the Juneau Senior Center unless otherwise noticed. The public is encouraged to attend these meetings.

For further information, please call or email the City Clerk’s office at 586-5278 or City_Clerk@juneau.org.

The Juneau Commission on Aging conducted a survey in the Summer/Fall of 2010 for the third time in the last 30 years. This survey of area residents will help local official and providers gain a better sense of what is needed for Juneau’s aging population. Times have changed, service delivery options have changed, but one thing remains the same: it is never too soon to plan for a desired future. near the end of June/beginning of July 2011. If you would like to see the survey document and additional information, click on the below links.

The Commission on Aging will be presenting their report to the Assembly Committee of the Whole at a worksession being held on June 27, 2011at 6pm in the Assembly Chambers. Following that presentation, the final copy of the report and information/comments compiled from the completed surveys will be posted to this webpage.

Please contact the Municipal Clerk’s Office at 586-5278 for more information.

The predecessor group to the Juneau Commission on Aging – the Senior Citizen Advisory Committee was created January 6, 1977 for the purpose of advising the Alaska State Housing Authority and the Assembly on matters related to the development of a 42-unit elderly housing project in the City & Borough of Juneau. The Assembly then morphed that committee into the Commission on Aging in 1985. There is a Senior Citizen Tax Benefits webpage at http://www.juneau.org/financeftp/seniors.php.

Resolution 2279 sets out the Mission of the JCOA as follows:

That the powers and duties of the Juneau Commission on Aging may include but not necessarily be limited to the following:

  1. To promote programs which benefit and/or enhance health, safety, and welfare of senior citizens.
  2. To promote maximum senior citizen participation in planning, development, operation and maintenance of facilities, services and programs designed to serve senior citizens principally.
  3. To serve as a focal point for coordination of senior citizen functions among the several committees, subcommittees, task groups, city manager, and the Assembly of the City and Borough of Juneau.
  4.  To review and make recommendations upon plans, programs, budgets, staff, property and support facilities, management functions, contractual relationships affecting the senior citizens of Juneau and report findings directly to the Assembly.
  5. To formulate and recommend to the Assembly a comprehensive areawide plan that identifies the concerns and needs of older Juneauites.
  6. To collect facts and statistics, and make studies of conditions and problems pertaining to the employment, health, financial security, social welfare, and other concerns that bear upon the well-being of older Juneauites.
  7. To make recommendations to the Assembly on establishment of special committees and/or task groups to meet both official and voluntary needs for coordination of functions with the Juneau Senior Center; Valley Senior Center; Alaska Housing Finance Corporation(AHFC); Alaska Commission on Aging (ACOA); Alaska Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development; Alaska Department of Health and Social Services, Division of Senior and Disability Services; AARP; Retired Public Employees of Alaska (RPEA); National Association of Retired Federal Employees (NARFE) and similar groups.

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