CBJ Budget

Graph showing breakdown of budget

CBJ Revenues & Funding of Expenditures (FY18)

Graph showing Government Fund Sources by Department

General Government Fund Sources by Department

Graph showing Government Expenditures by Department

General Government Expenditures by Department

Rain isn’t slowing us down

The Assembly Finance Committee continues to make progress on the budget, staying on pace and on schedule. The committee met on April 18 and accomplished the following:

  • Approved $860,000 to Travel Juneau; funding comes from hotel tax revenue. Travel Juneau typically gets 4/7 of CBJ’s hotel tax revenue, while Centennial Hall gets the rest.
  • Approved Alaska Small Business Development Center’s funding request of $28,000
  • Approved $300,000 to the Juneau Economic Development Council. JEDC requested an additional $25,000 and a one-time request of $165,000. Both of those requests are on the Finance Committee’s pending list.
  • Approved $1.9 million from the general fund for the Juneau pools.

Due to a couple members not being present, the Finance Committee postponed action on the Marine Passenger Fee Recommendations.

Now onto what’s coming up: April 25 is your chance to tell the Assembly what you think about the budget! The public can comment on the CBJ operating budget, the Juneau School District general operating budget, capital improvement projects, and the property tax mill levy rate (the manager has proposed 10.66, the same as last year) at a public hearing during a Special Juneau Assembly Meeting on April 25 at 5:30 p.m. This is also the time when the Assembly is scheduled to make a preliminary decision on the Juneau School District budget funding.

Immediately following the April 25th Special Assembly Meeting, the Assembly will meet in Finance Committee and hear from the Youth Activities Board, Downtown Business Association and Bartlett Regional Hospital. The committee will also hear presentations on the proposed mill rate (which is 10.66, the same as last year) and debt service.

Also, a heads up – the May 2 Assembly Finance Committee meeting is in the process of being rescheduled.

The City is responsible for building and repairing roads, providing police and fire protection, funding education for our youth, and maintaining parks, libraries, and recreational centers – all of which contributes to the high quality of life Juneau residents enjoy.
The budget serves as a major policy document and describes how the City intends to finance services and infrastructure. The budget is prepared and produced on a two-year cycle. The Fiscal Year (FY) of the municipality begins on July 1st and ends on June 30th of the following year.

Current Budget

FY18 Adopted Budget – The Assembly adopted the FY18 Budget on June 5, 2017
Historical Budgets

FY17 Adopted Budget – The Assembly adopted the FY17 Budget on May 23, 2016
FY16 Adopted Budget – The Assembly adopted the FY16 Budget on May 18, 2015
FY15 Adopted Budget
FY14 Adopted Budget
FY13 Adopted Budget

Budget Introduction
City Manager Rorie Watt will present the preliminary budget for fiscal year 2019 in early spring. The preliminary budget includes the CBJ operating budget, the Juneau School District general operating budget, capital improvement projects, and the property tax mill levy rate.

The CBJ operating budget includes general government and enterprise organizations. General government includes departments like Juneau Police Department, Capital City Fire/Rescue and Parks & Recreation. Enterprise organizations are Bartlett Regional Hospital, Juneau International Airport, Docks & Harbors and Water & Sewer.

Budget Analysis, Meetings & Public Hearing
From April to mid-May, the Juneau Assembly Finance Committee analyzes the City Manager’s preliminary budget and holds a series of public meetings to identify specific concerns through conversations with residents, advocates, and city agencies.

Once dates are established for the public meetings, they will be posted here as well as on the Assembly Finance Committee page.

View the Assembly Finance Meeting Calendar

Juneau School District Budget
In accordance with CBJ Charter Section 13.6 (b), the Assembly must determine the amount to be made available from local sources for school purposes by May 31.

In addition to the information on this page, here are some other places where you can learn more about the CBJ budget

Budget Presentation – A set of slides from a presentation given by Finance Director, Bob Bartholomew, to the Chamber of Commerce on April 5, 2017
Assembly Finance Committee – On this page, you’ll find the AFC’s up-to-date calendar, adopted legislation, and an archive of agendas and minutes. Scroll down to see the AFC’s upcoming meeting dates, agendas, and minutes.
Priority Driven Budget (PDB) – In preparation for the FY18 Budget, the CBJ went through a Priority Driven Budgeting process. You can learn about that process and its results here.
Provide Direct Feedback – In addition to attending AFC meetings, which are open to the public, you can ask questions and give comments directly to the CBJ Manager’s office and your Assembly members.