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118-3 CIty and Borough of Juneau and Rorie Watt's Objections and Responses to Plaintiffs' Statement of Facts in Support of Plaintiffs' Motion for Summary Judgment2018-02-09City Manager
118-30 Exhibit Z2018-02-13City Manager
118-4 Index of Exhibits2018-02-09City Manager
118-5 Exhibit A2018-02-13City Manager
118-6 Exhibit B2018-02-13City Manager
118-7 Exhibit C2018-02-13City Manager
118-8 Exhibit D2018-02-13City Manager
118-9 Exhibit E2018-02-13City Manager
119 Notice of Filing Additional Exhibits AA-AZ2018-02-13City Manager
119-1 Exhibit AA2018-02-13City Manager
119-10 Exhibit AJ2018-02-13City Manager
119-11 Exhibit AK2018-02-13City Manager
119-12 Exhibit AL2018-02-13City Manager
119-13 Exhibit AM2018-02-13City Manager
119-14 Exhibit AN2018-02-13City Manager
119-15 Exhibit AO2018-02-13City Manager
119-16 Exhibit AP2018-02-13City Manager
119-17 Exhibit AQ2018-02-13City Manager
119-18 Exhibit AR2018-02-13City Manager
119-19 Exhibit AS2018-02-13City Manager
119-2 Exhibit AB2018-02-13City Manager
119-20 Exhibit AT UNDER SEAL2018-02-13City Manager
119-21 Exhibit AU2018-02-13City Manager
119-22 Exhibit AV2018-02-13City Manager
119-23 Exhibit AW UNDER SEAL2018-02-13City Manager
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